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My first understanding of The House Of Aviance was via Frankie Ocasio Aviance. He told me Aviance is a group of individuals that carry on the Aviance legacy in which Mother says, “it’s a feeling”. I met the first Aviance members at Save the Robots back in the mid 90’s. Then a few years later at Arena and Twilo and that is where Mother and Kevin passed on “the feeling”. To me Aviance means, “to hold on to a feeling that has the power to make you see the hidden beats of life, it is like music, you can not fix it yet it is always present and it is pure joy!” Although I currently live oceans away in Milano, Italy I still reflect on all the great memories of my Aviance family. There are far to many memories to tell but the ones that I cherish the most are: being at Arena, possessed by the Spirit of Sound Factory banging on the walls watching the family turn it out! I'm still very much in touch with my Aviance family.., and from time to time I design couture pieces for Kevin Aviance and Mother Juan to wear at their events. It’s what I do and very happy to contribute and give “the feeling” back! TO VIEW ALDO’S WORK (click here):