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EMBRACED! That is word that comes to mind when I remember the days when I was introduced to My Aviance Family. I was embraced by Mother Juan and also by other Aviance members at the time. There was so much going on! I had just arrived at the scene, and was lucky to be with the right people at the right time. I was never alone, even when it seemed the world was coming to an end at times. My Aviance Family showed me the ropes., and Embraced me with Love. The kind of Love that accepts you for who you are, that sees potential and points you in the right direction, the kind of Love that picks you up if you fall, and tells you the way it is even if you don’t like it. Yes, tough Love. Being 19 years old wasn’t easy during those days in the 1990′s! I carry so many memories most good and some not good, and that is the motivation I have today. This is the Aviance Legacy for me; A desire to express life through art. Stay Tuned, Ariel Reymundo Aviance