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I have been a proud Aviance member since 2005. I experienced the Miami gay scene and ballroom scene when I was young. Always being stead fast, I learned and studied my craft on my own. I helped open (and ultimately close) the House of Von Dutch in Miami- where I was able to get experience and growth. After the house ultimately failed, I yearned for something MORE than a name, something more than a status. By this time, I had walked a few balls- gotten my 10's, but never snatched a trophy. As time passed I found myself yearning that somehow the ballroom community could return to be what it was originally established for: family, love, compassion, education and community outreach. Originally, we had contacted Mother Juan to open up an Aviance chapter in Miami, but the more we spoke, the more I was enlightened by what Aviance stood for. The Aviance name in the ballroom scene is infamous even though HOA hasn’t walked a ball “as a house” for years. My other friends opted to open up their own house, but I chose not to join. It was New Years day 2005 that Mother Juan informed me that Kevin Aviance would be performing at a club in Miami and that Frankie Aviance and Janet Aviance would be going as well... so I went. The next day I was introduced into the family as Charlie "Audace" Aviance. My favorite memory is the night I walked the Infiniti/Mizrahi Ball in Miami. Janet Aviance, Carlos Juan Aviance and Frankie Aviance all attended- Frankie even judged!! I walked realness with a twist. The twist was to come out in a pink wig LOL! I remember this like it was yesterday. Needless to say, I walked, served and ate the category and walked home with the trophy. The best thing... it was in front of my Aviance Family! I am currently a junior in college at the University of Central Florida majoring in English Technical Writing with a minor in Linguistics. I owe my life to God who recently saved my life (and face) from a tragic car accident. $100,000 of plastic surgery- and I’m still here- living to tell the tale. Avi’ously Yours, Audace Aviance