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I am… The Legendary One and Only Diamond Aviance, serving and slaying since 1989! As I sit back and remember the times of the old days… I tear up from all the love I’ve witnessed. I was a young little boy looking for life in a song, a beat and a place I could kick and split! It was the only gift I had to offer, “The gift of dance”… to dance and feel the motion, the type of dance that is only given by the most highest. Eventually I found that place, it was Sunday night’s @ Tracks in DC where all types of different people mingled, and it was a house thing, a soul thing, a love thing!! At Tracks I learned real fast, overtime to protect my craft and made sure no one was too defy me. One night after dancing all night I met one of the most caring, loving, understanding, compassionate, mentor, leader and friend Mother Juan Aviance. I then saw a heart of dreams!! As soul of a leader, a mirror image and before long I became Diamond Aviance (that was in 1989 before all the hundreds of members we have today). Years later, they shut down Tracks nightclub and closed the doors forever. I lost my mind that day and cried for days but as an Aviance I still continued serve at Delta, The Edge, B/Bar, Fire Place, I BAR and more. One of my Favorite Memories: A performance we did at Ritz night club in downtown Washington DC. It was a non-gay establishment but we served it Aviance style with the essence of the heart and love in which the house is built on. Everybody worked together that day. DJ Jean Philippe Aviance programmed our music for the performance and DJ’ed, Father Tony made sure we all had our outfits “ON POINT” as he always did. It was a true runway show with vogueing incorporated and we SLAYED the performance! Today I still walk thru life as an AVIANCE, “a classic, powerful state of believing in your spirit and being a good vessel of faith and love”. I close my profile by saying, “it’s been 21 years of Aviance and we still are standing stronger ever and we are proving that dreams do come true and if someone u know has a dream, be a part of that dream, hold on to love, be a good loving friend, allow GOD to use YOU as a vessel of GOOD HEART!!!!!! LOVE ALWAYS, The Legendary One and Only Diamond Aviance