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I am Gordon Brown Aviance. I’ve been a member of the House of Aviance since 1993. I was born in New York and raised in Pittsburgh PA. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Penn State University. My professional experience is in commercial banking, telecommunication sales and workforce development. I currently work in the Insurance Services Division of one of the largest healthcare systems in the country. Family is the most important part of my life, and I come from a very large close family. My other family, The House of Aviance, is just as important to me. I have always had a passion for music (especially house music), art and nightlife. I first became acquainted with the House of Aviance through one of my best friends, Jerome Aviance. That was about 1991 when Jerome moved back to Washington DC. Me and my Pittsburgh crew would visit Jerome in DC quite often. That’s where I met Mother Juan Aviance and my future brothers and sisters of the House of Aviance. The nightlife and lifestyle were extremely refreshing. Mother Juan was and is always open, welcoming and supportive to everyone no matter their background. This is a value that resonates with me. In 1993, I moved to New York, around the same time that Mother Juan did, and that’s when I became very close to him and the House of Aviance. At some point (although I could not tell you when) I became Gordon Aviance. I was nicknamed D J Brown by Juan, because I was always in the mix. When I lived on 14th street, my apartment was called Camp Aviance. Those who know, know. Kevin Aviance stayed with me for a period of time, and I remember when he was working on “Cunty”. He allowed me and other members of the house to hear the demo and I always, unsuccessfully, tried to get a bootleg copy. Kevin was never amused! Some of my fondest memories were hanging out with my brothers and sisters in NYC. Lots of love, laughter and struggles. I don’t regret any of it. My time living in New York was brief. I relocated back to Pittsburgh in 1997 where I enjoy a wonderful life. I am and always will still be very close to my Dear Aviance Family.