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UPDATED BIO COMING SOON! Jean Phillippe Aviance was part of the D.C. scene off and on since 1990, just as the techno-driven rave scene was taking off. He got his start — and his pseudonymous surname — at the House of Aviance. “Housemother” Juan Aviance asked him to DJ for the House, including its weekly Kindergarten party at the former Vault nightclub. The House of Aviance included Kevin, who Jean-Philippe had worked with in Paris a couple years prior when Jean-Philippe was supposed to be studying international business at The American University. (He studied nightclubs instead.) At least in gay dance circles Kevin Aviance has become the most popular member of the Aviance family, which after a couple years in Washington dispersed to New York, Miami and overseas. He currently is semi-retired from DJing and lives the married life in Delaware.  In the 90's Jean Phillippe Aviance Produced tracks from Go Bitch Go! – “Work This Pussy (Original Bitch Mix) to Ultraworld – Life After Death on Strictly Rhythm  and they were instant hits!  He later went on to Produce such hits as Useless, Give Me Luv – Alcatraz and many other tracks.