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I joined the House on November 15, 2008 and it kind of happened by accident. I participated in a music video shoot for Sandra Bernhardt's dance track called PERFECTION.  It was there that I was introduced to Mother Juan Aviance and others by Zibby Aviance (my now house sister who I've known for years prior).  A few hours into the video shoot Mother mentioned great interest in incorporating me into the House.  I'm was like ookay?!  I didn't know he was serious!! Then a week later I went to an Aviance party and was introduced as the 'newblood'.   I was like oh, "this is for real"!! Since November 2008 I've been a proud member of The House of Aviance.  I love being a part of this House because of its network which is unlike any other. This House is full of incredibly innovative, creative and groundbreaking people and I must say it's very much a part of my journey to solidify my true calling!