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Hello, Friends, Fans and Family, and welcome to my HOA profile page! First, I’d like to say how grateful I am that Mother Juan Aviance embraced me with open arms, and invited me to be part of this most gifted and talented House. There is no other House I’d rather be in. For me, it’s “AVIANCE 4 LIFE!” I was born in 1984 to Roxanne and Salvatore in Jamestown, NY. My mother being Irish/Scottish & my father Sicilian by birth makes me an Irish/Italian American. At age 2, my family moved from New York to Tennessee and a few years later, my parents divorced. My mother moved my sister and me first to Knoxville, later to Nashville, and shortly thereafter we took root in Atlanta, Georgia, where I grew into a teen while discovering myself. Eventually, my talent emerged and the gift of song was discovered. My solos at several Dog Wood Arts Festivals won blue ribbons. I sang in my high school choir, participated in local competitions, staged showcases and was active in my church. Around age 17, I went to an Atlanta club called Blu, where I met the legendary Miss E.J. Aviance and soon after began working with him as a back-up dancer, performing at Blu, Eleven50, Backstreet, Fever and Verve. Those were great times. Being young and impressionable then, I looked to E.J. for guidance and we became very close friends. E.J. introduced me to Aviance, and taught me what the House Family was all about. I decided I wanted to become Aviance, and finally, I asked E.J. He replied simply, “Oh… you have to talk to Mother Juan about that!” So I got in touch with Mother Juan via the Internet. For several years, we chatted both online and by phone. He explained Aviance and its mission, as well as his personal expectations. His vision, experience and knowledge about life and the entertainment industry totally impressed me. Mother Juan and I finally met face-to-face during a December 2008 visit to NYC. The affinity was instant, and Matt Aviance was born! I can now say I’ve been a member of the House for 9 years and am proud of it! Currently, I’m working on R&B, pop and electronica vocals with a music producer in Tennessee. My dream is to be a force in the music industry, and show the world my talent. While not new to this business, I do have things to learn. Nevertheless, I have TOTAL FAITH that, soon and very soon, God willing, this dream will come true. In closing, I say thank you to Mother Juan for believing in me & encouraging me… always! Your POWER, LOVE & FAITH remind me why being Aviance is not just special—it’s the most amazing feeling in the world! Aviance Love, Power & Peace, Matthew Aviance A TASTE OF MY WORK (click here): Deja Vu Digital Love (written by Matt Aviance / editing by Kip Aviance & Mother Aviance)