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I’m a quiet yet proud member of HOA. In 1989 myself and 4 others started an epic party called Club Kindergarten at The Vault night club. My sister Kevin Aviance was our top performer and that is how I met the beautiful Mother Juan Aviance. From the start I gravitated to the loving & creative energy of Mother Juan and Kevin. We used to hang out on Harvard Street in Washington, DC getting ready for the evenings of amazing music, glam and party favors. This apartment is where I was privileged to be invited as a member of the Legendary House of Aviance. My years in NYC during the 90’s were an endless party at clubs like the Sound Factory, Arena & Palladium. I absolutely lived for Mother Juan’s vogue performances and Kevin’s shows with Junior Vasquez. The closing night of the Palladium was truly a magical endless marathon!!!! For the past decade I have had the challenge of an ongoing mystery health issue. I’ve been to California, NYC, Maryland, DC, Switzerland and now Arizona looking for answers. I’ve been a spiritualist my whole life, a practicing one for 16 years. As difficult as the journey has been, it’s lead me to mystical practices that I would never have imagined as a young woman back in the club days. I spend my time in the desert hiking with my pup, doing ritual and shadow work, creating healing concoctions & making digital images that document the relationship between our spirits and our challenges. What is our biggest struggle can become our biggest gift with perseverance, a grateful attitude & passing it on to whom ever may want it. The Creed of our House matches my insides more and more as the years click by. I’m truly honored to be a member of our House.