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My given name is Michael Concepcion and I’m currently an Engineer at a hotel here in NYC.  Before becoming an Engineer I worked in construction for 19 years. I moved to NYC in 1994/95 from Miami Beach, Florida where I grew up. In need for a faster pace in life I decided on NYC and since my sister lived in Jersey it was the perfect option. When I first arrived I didn't know anybody and was just a baby in a sense. The first person I met was Ruben Aviance on the Christopher Street Piers and thru him I met an array of friends that I’m still friends with today. One being Mother Juan… one of the nicest, sweetest and chill people one can ever meet. I didn't even know what a House was to be honest but little by little I started hanging out with the Aviances going out to the clubs, bars and special events.  They all became my extended family and as time went on we started hanging out more outside of nightlife doing things like Six Flags, Central Park picnics, Birthday gatherings and things of that nature. It’s amazing how fast 20 years have past and looking back I realize in a crazy way that I grew up with the members of this House and they pretty much helped me grow into the man I am today.  Through their knowledge, experiences and advice, I listened… took note and gave what was given. I could not have asked for a better group of people to share my NYC experience with. I was so lucky to have never had a bad time and I owe it all to my extended family The House of Aviance and a step mom like no other... MOTHER JUAN AVIANCE! - Michael Concepcion Aviance