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My name is Miguel Aviance and I was born and raised on the island of Manhattan, a quintessential New Yorker. I currently work at the New York Open Center as an event coordinator and loving it. My life began to change when I was 13 and exposed to my first night club experience at Paradise Garage!! From that moment on I knew I had found my community but still a bit lost because I had no sense of belonging so I retreated back to the comfort of the straight freestyle music and clubs I was familiar with. The early ninties came around and I found my little slice of musical heaven called Sound Factory and my life truly began to flourish. I was exposed to a whole new experience and I began to experiment, but deep within I still felt lost and alone, always looking for a place where I can truly belong. It was one of those nights at Sound Factory that fate intervened on my behalf and Miss Mother Juan Aviance came my way as I was vogueing and said "it's for you to be an Aviance" at first I said, "Who in the hell is this queen" but as I got to know Juan I realized that we had many things in common plus he was providing the right environment that a House should provide.  I have since been an Aviance for about 20 years and I could not have asked for a better extended family!