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When I think of "Aviance", I think of my House family and in particular Mother Juan Aviance, Scott Aviance, and Joe Aviance. These three people have been an integral part of my New York experience while being in the scene for the past ten years. Over the course of these 9 years, Aviance has been a mainstay in my life both in the clubs and out. I have participated in the charity Dance-A-Thon as a member of the team House of Aviance, as well as attended various Aviance parties and celebrations over the years. These events have provided a sense of community for myself, as well as other members of the family and extended family. The love, care, and dedication that our Mother, as well as other Aviance brothers and sisters, have given to this House gives me a great sense of PRIDE and LOVE for our community and for our family. Aviance is special to me for another, very wonderful reason. It was at the House of Aviance/Hades Music Parade Party 2009 that I met my boyfriend Jason. We have recently begun collaborating on remix productions. For the past year I have also been writing music reviews for Tim Letteer's House Music Beatz Facebook Group. I'm happy and honored to be part of the Aviance family. Much love and thanks, Mike L. Aviance