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Ms Holly K became a member of the House of Aviance in 2005, after meeting Mother Juan at Spirit on West 27th Street (formerly SF and Twilo). "Mother Juan inspires me to greatness by reminding me to be faithful, disciplined, and balanced in all that I do. The spiritual light of the House and Mother's guidance keep me focused and driven to spread that light far and wide, and the creativity of the House Members fires my imagination. It is wonderful to have a family that is comprised of people of so many backgrounds and from places all over the world, a family that is so creative and loving. My favorite Aviance memories include walking with the House for AIDS Walk NY, the Gay Pride Rooftop parties each year, and Mother's fabulous birthday events!!!" PROFESSION: Ms Holly K is a photographer, amateur naturalist, and used book dealer. Her photographic work has been displayed in New York City's Gay Center, and is featured on her photoblog: She captures the magic and personalities of NYC's gay nightlife in colorful, atmospheric photos. She also models and was seen in the video "Fight the People with Love" by Empulse, featuring Zhana. Outside of nightlife, Holly can be found out in Nature, working as a trail maintainer and for a community farm in Northern New Jersey. "It is my goal to help people re-connect to our roots, to our Earth by learning and making ancient knowledge and skills available to people of all ages, so that we can create a new way of life that combines the best of technology with the knowledge of indigenous people so that we can move forward together in ways that will sustain and support every person and our Earth that gives us life." She hopes to walk the entirety of the Appalachian Trail (2175 miles) in the next five years. "Returning to and walking in Nature has healed, restored and empowered me." If you are looking for discounted used and/or rare books, particularly gay history and literature or art and fashion books, contact Ms Holly K at