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Napolean's HOA STORY COMING SOON! ARTIST BIO Born in Philadelphia, USA, Napoleon Luther Means, aka L'il Luther, began singing at the age of four. "I wanted to be a dancer but many things kept me away from making it my one and only love in performance." Realizing at 7 that nothing made his soul breathe as much as being on stage under the lights, he turned professional, singing and dancing alongside the great Marion Anderson in her last onstage performance in Arthur Mitchell's "Doin' It". Continuing to grow, even finding that acting held for him the glimmer he searched for, Napoleon never stopped singing, and today records with several area producers. "Often told that I have a haunting voice that really speaks to the soul, I am ever on the quest for more truth from my music." TAKE A LISTEN TO NAPOLEON'S MUSIC (click here):