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On a beautiful summer day in 1997 I arrived in New York City a young kid full of hopes and dreams.  I found myself soul searching through the streets of the Big Apple looking for guidance, new friends and inspiration.  Soon after I got involved in the nightlife scene and also started modeling and acting.  Unfortunately there were so many gaps to fill in dealing with acceptance from my family and friends back home, it had me feeling a bit empty and alone. In making a fresh start I found my new family, “My home… The House of Aviance!” I met Mother Juan Aviance and many other House members and they opened up their hearts and doors making me feel right at home. The love was so incredible that I started to forget the gaps I needed to fill and now I have nothing but incredible memories to share from those days. After a few years I decided to work more on my craft by joining organizations and getting more involved with music which lead me to performing all around NYC and the U.S.  Then 9/11 happened and it was such a sad and painful time for everyone as u can imagine. I then decided to take a break and went back home to Connecticut to regain strength.  I always knew my Aviance family would be there to support me when I decided to return to NYC and that was an awesome feeling.  I finally came back in full force and pushed myself to the man I am today! Currently I have an amazing career doing everything I love, Modeling around the world, acting in films and owning two businesses. I feel very lucky and loved by my Aviance family and proud of everyone's accomplishments! No matter where we come from race or color we are all ONE! They are my rock, strength and love. I am proud to say, I AM AVIANCE! Rafaele Aviance