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My real story began in 1994 when I arrived in NYC and found myself in Sound Factory. I made great friends along the way. Began working as a bartender at Save The Robots. After meeting Jerome Farley, my career in music industry started. We started Tantrum recordings then start working at Eightball records and Junior Vasquez Music. Year 1999, That’s when I truly became an Aviance and when all the drama had started for me. As the Label manager of JVM and the event coordinator for Twilo, I was exhausted and moved to Las Vegas. What a crazy idea that was. Living in Vegas was far harder then dealing with the boys. Year 2001, returned back to NYC and continued my duties at JVM and with the madness of Earth. Too many good and twisted memories. Year 2004, because of my mother’s illness I moved to Istanbul, Turkey. Now, for the past 6 years I’ve been working at Ernst & Young as the Lead Executive Assistant for the Assurance COO of EMEIA (Europe, Middle East, Africa). Year 2010, living a "drama free" life in my NY style apartment with my husband Orhan, my 16 month old pumpkin Lina. Overall, when I look back, I can’t believe all the memories that we shared with many of you. Some good days, some bad days but you guys were always there for me. Thank you for making me part of the family. Love Always, Selen Aviance