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I enjoy irony, and I find life ironic. I am a student, an artist, a comedian, a painter, a sculptor, a writer, and a caregiver. But, most of all, I am survivor. I met Juan in Boston sometime in the early to mid-80s. I was outgoing; he was outgoing; I liked to dance; he liked to dance. We were instant friends. Juan has witnessed my ups and downs, my good choices as well as my bad choices. Through it all, he has always been a caring, constant, and concerned friend. In life, people make choices - some good and some bad - and if one is lucky enough to have the friendship and support of someone like Juan and the other members of this diverse group of people, things have a way of working out for the best. It seems like an eternity ago that I enrolled in nursing school. In December of 2011, I graduated from college for the second time, this time with an associate’s degree in science.  I took my nursing boards in January of 2012 and currently i'm a licensed registered nurse working in Alzheimer's care. I will continue my studies until I earn a BS degree in nursing, and then I plan to work toward my master’s degree. I hope to specialize in HIV and AIDS care. I am a current member of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care as well as the recipient of a 2010 scholarship from the Rhode Island chapter of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care.